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Đây là tài liệu giảng dạy của thầy Đinh Tiên Minh tại trường Đại học Kinh Tế TP.HCM dùng cho bậc cử nhân chuyên ngành marketing và thương mại, đồng thời là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích cho các trường có đào tạo cùng ngành và các đọc giả quan tâm.

B2B Marketing. Bài tập 03: Thị trường Công nghiệp và Môi trường Kinh doanh

Q1: Can a customer be classified as an OEM as well as a user customer? Explain with an example. Q2: What distribution strategy should be followed by a company, which is marketing tyres to OEM customers and replacement markets and why? Q3: A major electrical equipment (like power transformer and switch-gear) manufacturer tried to have […]

B2B Marketing. Bài tập 04: Hành vi khách hàng tổ chức

1. Sigma is in the steel production business and is based in China. Rhema is in electronic component manufacturing and is based in Taiwan. What are the environmental factors that would have a major impact on the business of the two companies? How are the factors similar or different for the companies? (B2B S’pore version, […]

B2B Marketing. Bài tập 05: STP

1. Assume you have joined a new company manufacturing and marketing aluminum extrusion products as a head of marketing. The company would market its products to household customers for door and windows frames, and also to business customers for various applications like control panels in electrical industry, water purification equipment, heat sinks for electronics equipment, […]

B2B Marketing. Bài tập 06: Chiến lược sản phẩm

L.C. Goyal, Director, VCB Ltd., was seriously considering the proposal made by Pradeed Chatterjee, to make a change in the product strategy, in order to solve the problem of declining profitability. VCB was one of the largest manufacturers of cement blocks, which was used by the construction industry. VCB was started in 2004, as a […]

B2B Marketing. Bài tập 07: Chiến lược phân phối

What factors and considerations should be taken into account in the following situations? And why? a. Clement Company has been distributing its construction safety helmets and boots through retailers in Singapore. The company is considering bypassing and distributing and selling its products direct to customer in Singapore. b. Daniel Company is currently using 900 local industrial distributors […]