Quản trị Marketing_Đề số 1
Quản trị Marketing_Đề số 1

This test has 30 questions and will last 60 minutes.

Keeping a survey short and simple and contacting customers no more than once a month are two keys to drawing people into the data collection effort.

What are customer touch points?

After computing averages and measures of dispersion for the major variables and applying advanced statistical techniques and decision models in the hope of discovering additional findings from the gathered information, the researchers ________.

Designing a research plan calls for decisions on all of the following EXCEPT ________.

As Kodak addresses the digital revolution taking over the photographic industry, it wants customers to see it as a leader in digital photography. Thus, it is moving away from the production of film roll cameras. This would be an example of which of the following value creation steps?

Which of the following economies provide limited opportunities to international marketers to develop product sales?

The ________ lays out the target markets and the value proposition that will be offered, based on an analysis of the best market opportunities.

Sammy's is a fast food chain that offers burgers, sandwiches, and shakes. It focuses its marketing efforts on all the experiences the customers will have on the way to obtaining their food order and eating it. Hence, Sammy's is focusing its marketing efforts on its ________.

________ is based on the premise that marketers can no longer use "interruption marketing" via mass media campaigns.

Conformance quality and performance quality are identical in the marketing sense

When the government of any country restricts the sale of a particular commodity to certain groups—for example, restricting sales of alcohol to individuals above the age of 21—the eligible consumers who have income, interest, access and qualification constitute the ________.

Which of the following is an example of growth by diversification?

Each of the following is true about the Internet's impact on the way business is conducted today, EXCEPT one. Identify the exception.

Why must the researchers avoid generalizing from focus-group participants to the whole market?

Market demand for a product is the total volume that would be bought by a defined customer group in a defined geographical area in a defined time period in a defined marketing environment under a defined marketing program

The ________ is the number of channel levels, from raw materials to final product and distribution, in which a company will participate.

Which of the following is true for customer satisfaction?

Customer profitability analysis (CPA) is best conducted with the tools of an accounting technique called ________.

Identify the correct statement about marketing management

________ goods constitute the bulk of most countries' production and marketing efforts.

In which of the following cases is building a database worthwhile for the company?

When consumers share a strong need that cannot be satisfied by an existing product, they are exhibiting latent demand.

In the communication stage of the value creation and delivery sequence, marketing must determine specific product features, prices, and distribution channels.

A ________ is a set of procedures and sources managers use to obtain everyday information about developments in the marketing environment.

Today, the "mass market" is actually splintering into numerous segments, each with its own wants, perceptions, preferences, and buying criteria. This implies that ________.

________ provide diagnostic information about how and why we observe certain effects in the marketplace, and what that means to marketers.

Companies address needs by putting forth a ________, a set of benefits that they offer to customers to satisfy their needs.

The sites which offer positive or negative product or service reviews and are built by the retailers of a particular product or service are called ________.

For which of the following categories of products will demand forecasting be easiest?

You are the marketing research director of a medium-sized manufacturing firm and you would like to engage an outside marketing research firm to conduct field interviews. Which of the following options categories of marketing research firms should you use?

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