Quản trị Sản phẩm mới_Đề số 1
Quản trị Sản phẩm mới_Đề số 1

This test has 30 questions and will last 60 minutes.

Which of the following categories of new products would present higher risks and uncertainties as well as associated costs of development and launch?

Platforms are not a possibility in service industries as they are for manufactured goods

Most of the ideas offered by consumers in the form of crowdsourcing would be best characterized as:

Which of the following statements is true regarding invention?

Which of the following, if implemented, will most likely ensure that the product innovation charter (PIC) is effective?

Which of the following is associated with the concept generation phase of the new products process?

Creativity can be measured.

A new product only really comes into being during generation of its concept statement, irrespective of its success or failure in the market.

When a current product of a company has been enhanced to better serve consumer needs, the product will fall into the new product category of _____.

_____ is defined in product innovation as the power to do work.

Which of the following is an advantage that electronic brainstorming has over traditional brainstorming?

The development phase of the new product process involves the development of:

A manufacturer of ice creams introduces a new mint and lime flavored ice cream. According to the product/market matrix, the amount of innovativeness risk that the firm brings with this new flavor would be _____.

In the context of the development phase of the new products process, a _____ is best described as a tentative physical product or system procedure.

The best new product ideas are based on _____, which serve as the heart of the concept generation process.

One of the benefits of accelerating time to market is that the product will be on the market for a longer period of time before becoming obsolete.

A marketing researcher is most likely to serve as a _____ in a new product development team.

A new product only really comes into being when:

Which of the following is the most common method used to directly contact business or household customers?

By definition, new product teams are _____, which means a greater variety of perspectives but also potential difficulties in reaching a solution acceptable to all.

Which of the following is true of product planning?

Which of the following statements about the observation method of gathering information is true?

The most common source of needs and problems comes from an organization's routine contacts with customers and others in the marketplace.

_____ refers to the overall process whereby an invention is transformed into a commercial product that can be sold profitably.

Which of the following is a variation on the single-customer focus where each customer is offered a product of his or her individual choice?

Which of the following techniques can suggest new product functions by creating as many verb-object combinations as possible?

By definition, new products are limited to significant technological innovations.

Designing and validating the production process for the best prototype takes place during the _____ phase of the new products process.

Problem analysis is primarily concerned with building an inventory of user problems.

In the new products process, after evaluating an idea, various views on the idea are combined together in what is often called the:

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