Quản trị Sản phẩm mới_Đề số 2
Quản trị Sản phẩm mới_Đề số 2

This test has 30 questions and will last 60 minutes.

The fact that a product and its marketing plan is viewed as a single unit is what lets one to telescope the development process into shorter periods of time.

The development phase of a product is naturally iterative.

Which of the following has to be usually supplemented by a narrative statement of the concept in a concept statement?

BlueBeak Corp. deliberately seeks out very small targets markets with unique purchase patterns. The firm targets _____.

Many firms use _____ to achieve the effects of colocation without actual physical proximity of team members.

Colocation allows team members to identify and resolve product development problems faster.

The role of design in market-driven innovation is to modify the product so that it can accommodate the performance characteristics.

The product innovation charter (PIC) directing new product development eliminates more product ideas than all the other evaluations combined.

Minimarket testing is a _____ method.

A new product appears first as a(n) _____.

The process by which a customer's need is developed into a product design is called _____.

Tactical launch decisions are marketing mix decisions such as communication and promotion, distribution, and pricing of a new product.

In the basic new products process, market analysis activities and the formulation of a product innovation charter occur immediately after an idea appears.

_____ are technical people who convert styling into product dimensions or specifications.

Strategic givens are more easily modified as compared to tactical decisions.

Which of the following statements is NOT true of market testing?

Which of the following is the final step in the process for product architecture?

The most expensive and risky stage of the new product development process is often _____.

Which of the following causes for new product failure does concept testing cover?

The very first evaluation in the product development process usually:

Which of the following methods of market testing fall under the category of controlled sale?

The longer we wait to test a product, the lesser we will know about the product and its marketing program.

Which of the following is a customer acceptance measure used during the strategic launch planning of a new product?

A product concept is a:

Concept testing is sometimes called concept _____ to reinforce the idea of helping the item, not just killing it off.

The current process of developing a new product is different from the earlier processes in that now:

Regarding the various tools for evaluating new products, which of the following evaluations occurs prior to the appearance of an idea?

Markets segmented based on variables like values, activities, and lifestyles can be best described as using _____.

Once the product innovation charter has selected a market area for focus, which of the following should be done prior to the appearance of the concept?

Market testing for a new product should begin as soon as a technique can be found that will tell us what we need to know.

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